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When digital twins first hit the scene, they were primarily used to model, test, and analyze one device or system at a time—a single turbine on a passenger jet, for example. Now, with wider adoption, increased scale, and the integration of AI, whole chains of digital twins can be seamlessly linked together to model not only an entire jet with all its complexly interacting systems, but the assembly lines that built the jet, the factory that houses those assembly lines, and even the entire city where that factory is located.

With an always-on, two-way conduit between the physical world and its digital replica, organizations can simulate possibilities with an unprecedented degree of speed, realism, and cost efficiency. Given such power, it’s suddenly not only possible, but practical to test and plan for even the most unexpected scenarios.

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Benefits of Digital Twins

Digital twins provide sophisticated insights that drive business value through improved business performance, decreased risk, and more informed decision making. Built on comprehensive, trusted data, our digital twin solutions are empowering organizations to accelerate design processes, optimize operations, detect and predict anomalies, and strategically test innovative approaches and solutions, far beyond the limits of the physical world.

Additional benefits include:

Enterprise Collaboration: When built on an intuitive platform designed for users at all levels of technical ability across all stages of an asset or process lifecycle—from requirements developers, designers, and engineers to acquisitions, financial analysts, industry and beyond—digital twins can advance organizations beyond traditional siloed processes by providing an up-to-date common operating picture that is universally accessible and constantly refined.

A fighter jet alongside its digital twin shown in blue.

Comprehensive Simulation:While digital prototypes and models are useful in simulating single components, digital twins offer the ability to combine countless different, yet interrelated components, and the environmental context in which they operate, to monitor and simulate a whole machine, system of systems, or even an entire planet, under a variety of scenarios across the past, present, or future.

Continuous Improvement and Enduring Value:As nothing today remains static, having a tool that evolves with your mission increases its benefits over the long term. Digital twins dynamically adjust their designs and strategies with every new piece of data they collect or every new test they run, providing persistent, long-term return on investment. Our solutions are open and agile, allowing you to quickly and easily adopt new technologies and evolve your digital twin to meet the needs of your business and users.

Common Use Cases

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Systems and Design

Design and test new prototypes or entire systems prior to implementation.

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Simulate planning decisions or “what if” scenarios and assess the impact.

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Optimize operations using real-world data to improve safety and efficiency.

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ĢƵ Allen offers intelligent, data-driven digital twin solutions for our clients, geared towards solving their toughest problems. We utilize the depth of our experience in cybersecurity, systems integration, digital engineering, data management, platforms and analytics, and AI to design and deliver the right solution for today’s challenges, while accelerating solutions for tomorrow. We integrate the best technology across the industry with key enablers likecloud, edge computing, and 5G.,and our strong multidisciplinary teams create value through specialized capabilities that include:

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