5G/NextG Technology

Transforming U.S. Navy with 5G—ĢƵ Allen, Ericsson, and Nokia

ĢƵ Allen, in collaboration with Ericsson and Nokia, successfully deployed a 5G lab and test environment to create ship-wide and pier-to-ship communications for the U.S. Navy at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia.

Our Approach

From engineering and orchestration to integration and security, ĢƵ Allen is on the leading edge of 5G/NextG solutions and edge services. We continue to research and develop new secure 5G/NextG-enabled platforms, including those integrating related new technologies such as integrated IoT, augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), and AI/machine learning (ML) solutions. 

ĢƵ Allen understands the complexity of the 5G/NextG landscape, helping clients formulate customized 5G/NextG strategies that fit their missions and mitigate cybersecurity risk. We combine our telecommunications, cloud, network, and security expertise with our investment in a premiere 5G/NextG lab facility, delivering mission-focused cyber resiliency solutions you can rely on. Our offerings include the following: 

ĢƵ Allen's 5G/NextG Experiment Facilities

Our 5G/NextG experiment facilities provide the testing environments required to test new technologies, use cases, and cybersecurity solutions. Our facilities include the following advanced labs:

  • 5G Carrier-Grade Lab: 5G standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) configurations enable testing of 5G in both carrier and enterprise configurations with backward-compatible 4G core features. Includes a multiaccess edge compute (MEC) solution; network slicing to provide segregated, cloud-native network functions; and a radio access network (RAN) capable of broadcasting at multiple bands, including mmWave (28 GHz) and mid-band (2.4 GHz and 3.5 GHz).
  • Multivendor Open-RAN Lab: Leveraging funding from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s Public Wireless Supply Chain Innovation Fund, our Open-RAN lab is used to conduct security research on multivendor, Open-RAN systems, helping to advance the industry’s understanding of sophisticated threats and the conduct of security testing associated with these new types of 5G networks.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering Lab: Among other capabilities, our RF systems laboratory supports RF spectrum monitoring, coverage measurements, and antenna and transmission line testing and validation. Our lab includes several RF analysis tools, including calibrated measurement receivers, test transmitters and antennas, portable network analysis equipment, and test equipment to test expeditionary operation of legacy or advanced RF communications systems. We incorporate advanced electromagnetic (EM) modeling and simulation tools in our lab to provide detailed computational electromagnetic modeling and simulation of antennas and their interaction with their mounting platforms and environment.

U.S. Navy Awards ĢƵ Allen 5G Indo-Pacific Contract

ĢƵ Allen will lead this contract as the prime technology innovator and integrator, working alongside partners across the 5G, telecom, IoT, and smart warehousing industries.

5G Solutions and Edge Services

From engineering and orchestration to integration and security, ĢƵ Allen is on the leading edge of 5G solutions and edge services.

5G Mobile Medic

ĢƵ Allen, 5G Open Innovation Lab, and 5G network innovator Shabodi collaborated to develop Mobile Medic, a groundbreaking emergency-telemedicine solution.

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