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To reduce risks from local storage of classified data as devices are moved between facilities, ĢƵ Allen created District Defend. Through its proven technology, government devices rapidly conform to the environment and lock or shut down if unauthorized personnel remove them. The result? Safe local storage of classified data and secure connection to approved networks in support of highly sensitive government missions.
Working closely with stakeholders, ĢƵ Allen helped transform the Recreation.gov website into a one-stop shop for trip information, planning, and reservations from coast to coast. The new Recreation.gov brings the government’s e-commerce platform into the 21st century by using cloud-native microservices and continuous delivery to meet evolving requirements for availability, scalability, and delivery .

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Secure mobility for the future of work

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District Defend

Helps organizations ensure that employees’ existing devices comply with organizational security rules wherever they go.

Empowering warfighter decision making

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Gain decision advantage with EdgeAware™—explore how our innovative technology accelerates mission effectiveness, situational awareness, and decision making with AI-powered data, 3-D location targeting, and digital integration.

Elevating the standard for outdoor recreation



A best-in-class, user-centered recreation management platform that helps field staff spend less time in front of screens and more time outdoors.

Reduce threats with regional geopolitical analysis


Analytic capability enables government and commercial organizations to assess geopolitical risk and preemptively respond to incidents.

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Accelerate cross-domain delivery of insights for human security and national security with a scalable analytics platform.

Improve global distributed command and control

Modular Detachment Kit (MDK)

Hardware, software, vendor-agnostic approach to delivering an integrated operations and training architecture solution.


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With ĢƵ Allen Precog, seamlessly deploy and integrate high-value mission effects onto portable computing devices.

We built a modern, scalable, cloud-native platform


A world-class reservation and recreation planning system for American parks and public lands, transformed through digital.

Improve immersive training with real-time analytics


Real-time analytics of human and machine performance in training and in theater through immersive reality.

DarkLabs Detect

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DarkLabs Detect

ĢƵ Allen’s DarkLabs Detect levels you above nation-state threats with protections that expose adversary weaknesses and defend against them in any platform, any environment.

DarkLabs Attack

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DarkLabs Attack

ĢƵ Allen's DarkLabs Attack amplifies your staff and strategy. Upskill your team with customizable real-world APT malware modules and side-by-side training from embedded defenders. Gain an unprecedented understanding of your attack surface with subscription-based Sanctioned Breach Operations.

DarkLabs Research

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DarkLabs Research

ĢƵ Allen’s DarkLabs Research enables multidomain all-terrain cyber and security R&D through sponsored or collaborative R&D engagements and access to our tradecraft, tooling, and operational capabilities.

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