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Managing and mitigating the impacts of the climate crisis by combining rapidly growing data sets and analytics to predict, anticipate, and adapt to a changing world.

Solutions for addressing the climate crisis

Life Sciences and Public Health

Speeding advances in life-saving therapies, pathogen monitoring, and health equity by improving data access, infrastructure, and security.

Advancing life science research to further patient care


Strengthening the nation’s critical infrastructure against current and future threats through modernization, technology infusion, data integration, and analytics.

Strengthen your infrastructure with scalable solutions

Scaled, Enterprise Software for Homeland Security Missions

Securing the efficient movement of people and cargo through the U.S. requires never-fail, never-pause IT software.

Mission-focused software development at enterprise scale

Combating human trafficking, preventing terrorism, and advancing humanitarian missions at every U.S. port of entry using innovative digital approaches.
Law Enforcement
Safeguarding the nation from criminal threats by enhancing data sharing and collaboration between federal law enforcement agencies.
Healthcare Reform
Improving community and individual health outcomes by leveraging data and speeding the embrace of emerging technologies.
Citizen Services
Serving, predicting, and responding to the evolving needs of the nation’s many diverse communities through IT modernization, dataops, and customer experience design.

Data-Enabled Missions Blog Series

Putting data to work on the nation’s greatest challenges

The Path to Powering Up Data-Enabled Missions

A perspective on how federal agencies can fully leverage their data to advance mission outcomes.

The journey to better data access

To Advance Missions, Treat Agency Data Like a Product

Generative AI demands a new approach to intra- and interagency data exchange.

woman on laptop walking in server room

Software Factories: A Data Enablement Accelerator

Software factories will be critical to helping federal agency missions make the most of their data.

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